Our purpose is to build and facilitate a secure link to record, store, and transfer data between the OEM, FBO, parts suppliers, and aviators using the Aircraft BlockChain™ shared General Aviation blockchain.

The Blockchain Opportunity - The impact of BlockChain in the aircraft industry and general aviation will be profound. The first shared BlockChain that is successful in General Aviation (GA) will likely become the standard, and perhaps the only BlockChain used since the benefits of having just one BlockChain, not many, are significant. It is too expensive and ineffective to set up your own separate blockchain—but your company can use the shared “Aircraft BlockChain” to market and run blockchain applications for your firm. Owning a share of this BlockChain, to launch applications for your company and profit from the overall Aircraft BlockChain use, and help lead and control its development, is an opportunity open now to early founders of Aircraft BlockChain. Equity owners have priority in marketing their services on the company’s webpage and promotional material. Highly discounted pricing for ownership of the General Aviation Aircraft BlockChain for founding members is available through 2019.

For much less than the cost of a Deloitte or IBM consulting engagement, you can learn more about how BlockChain will impact GA and your business by investing in Aircraft BlockChain, seeing from inside how BlockChain works, and testing BlockChain applications of interest using our shared GA BlockChain system. You can build your own storefront on the Aircraft BlockChain webpage and exploit the shared GA Aircraft BlockChain system rather than trying to build it all on your own.

For information on investing in Aircraft Blockchain, contact Dr. Drew Miller at [email protected]. Drew is an Air Force Academy Graduate, retired USAF Colonel, instrument rated private pilot, aircraft owner and buyer consultant, and a blockchain technology expert.